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At P. Curtis Black, CPA, our Scottsdale tax professional is dedicated to providing all clients with feasible tax strategies that limit the impact of liabilities while maximizing applicable deductions. Located in Scottsdale, our Phoenix metro office offers personalized tax services for business owners, independent contractors, and individuals alike. Long-term financial success goes beyond strategic accounting and financial planning. Regardless of whether you own a business, are self-employed, or are an average individual, proactive tax planning and preparation can help you improve the health of your financial future.

Why Pursue Proactive Tax Planning

At P. Curtis Black, CPA, our personalized approach to tax preparation begins following the prior tax season with a comprehensive evaluation of your current financial situation. During this assessment, our tax professional uses past returns and forms to identify trends in liabilities to develop solutions tailored to eliminate or minimize the impact of such liabilities. Your financial situation is then re-evaluated for all applicable deductions. Making the most of your tax return requires early planning and preparation throughout the year.

We encourage clients to meet quarterly to discuss changes in their financial standing that may impact their taxes. This continuous communication throughout the year ensures smooth preparation as well as eliminates the risk of surprises when it comes time to file your return.

International Tax Services

P. Curtis Black, CPA firm also specializes in U.S. International Tax Services for both domestic and international businesses and citizens.

For international businesses looking to open a branch in the United States or foreign nationals working within the U.S. borders, P. Curtis Black, CPA works closely with clients to ensure all forms and regulations have been properly fulfilled. Our Scottsdale international tax professional is able to provide foreign businesses with strategic business plans to ensure total compliance as well as long-term financial success. Similarly, our CPA works with foreign nationals working in the United States to ensure compliance with evolving tax regulations that are specifically required of non-citizens.

For American businesses and citizens working abroad (expatriate / expat), our U.S. International Tax Specialist provides personalized service to ensure continued compliance. Our Scottsdale CPA Firm is dedicated to helping clients avoid stiff penalties from the IRS regarding international tax issues.

With over 25 years of tax and business consulting experience, P. Curtis Black, CPA is dedicated to providing clients with comprehensive tax solutions that yield profitable results. For more information about our domestic and international tax services, contact our Scottsdale tax professional today

Tax Preparation
We believe in preparing taxes in the most stress-free manner possible. In addition to assisting with paperwork and electronic filing before your deadline, we'll help you get into the habit of compiling necessary information in advance. Gathering pertinent data well before crunch time is essential to filing properly. By maintaining our knowledge of changing tax laws on domestic and international fronts alike, we make it easier to get your taxes completed as smoothly as possible. Our staff strives not only to guide people and businesses through filing, but also to help them minimize their tax liabilities. Our Firm uses a State of the Art cloud internet-based tax program from the largest most advanced tax publisher in the world. All the tax returns, where allowed, are electronically filed for both Federal and State.
Tax Planning Assistance
For Business Owners, budgeting for your future estimated taxes is essential, but can present a major problem; your tax burden will change as your business expands in Arizona, moves into new states, or expands internationally. We offer counsel on critical subjects, such as which legal entity to use and the advisability of claiming deductions at once or benefiting from depreciation over time. We also help you budget for the new tax laws you'll have to comply with, should you begin importing materials or equipment from overseas manufacturers or decide to employ staff in other nations. We use a cloud-based research program from the largest, most advanced tax publisher in the world for tax research. This tax research program allows us to get the best tax answer for you, the Client, to help minimize your tax liability.
International And Foreign Tax Filings
Our goal is to help you anticipate the new taxes you'll face as a result of your goal to move your business forward. For businesses that have expanded overseas, tackling foreign tax preparation can be too complex of a task to take on without the help of an experienced CPA. Our Scottsdale tax preparation and planning Firm has a thorough knowledge of the US International tax code and tax treaties in all of their complexity. We can help you properly file your international tax returns, saving you from the hassle of sorting through regulations on your own. You can be sure that our knowledgeable tax professionals are filing your return in line with all applicable US foreign tax legislation and International treaties.
Tax Problems
In some instances, people require assistance when tax filing goes wrong. Interacting with the IRS and state taxing agencies can be nightmarish, especially for time-strapped Business Owners. Our Scottsdale tax resolutions team works to mediate disputes and realize workable resolutions. We negotiate directly on behalf of taxpayers who are struggling through tax audits or wage garnishments and seizures. We work to clear up payroll tax discrepancies and deal with creditors during bankruptcy proceedings. Our mission is to help our clients move past tax problems, tax planning woes, and preparation headaches while avoiding future recurrences. We firmly believe that our proactive approach to tax law and resolution makes it easier for Private and Business Taxpayers to deal with U.S. and Foreign Tax Law in an efficient, cost-effective fashion.

Firm Mission

The FIRM MISSION of P. CURTIS BLACK, CPA, is to value PEOPLE, provide quality SERVICE, and insure exceptional personal RESULTS.

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